Luciana Caporaso

Luciana Caporaso

This summer, a remarkable voice of amazing singer Luciana Caporaso will be heard at every major event, in every big club and on every radio. After “Yeah Yeah” from project Bodyrox, we can hear her on many upcoming big dance hits.

Her career in show business Luciana started in US, in band Shooter, where she composed and singed some songs, including their most popular “Life’s A Bitch“.

After that, Luciana returned home in the UK, started listening to the artists like the Rapture, Gary Newman and Goldfrapp, and hanging out in electroclash clubs like Trash and Nag Nag Nag. The result of all this transformations was the band Portobella, nu wave / post punk project, together with Nick Clow and very successful producer Michael Gray from Full Intention. Portobella released in 2004 a few singles, “Freakin In Stereo“, “Covered In Punk” and “Viva La Difference“, which have been very popular in underground scene, but had not reached a major commercial success.

So Luciana Caporaso agreed to write and sing songs for other artists.The first success came after the track “I Wish You Would” for Martijn Ten Velden. And it was followed by an even greater fame after the “Yeah Yeah” from Bodyrox. Successful underground hit, with the new vocals from Luciana had enormous commercial success, reached number 2 in the UK National charts and was nominated for an Ivor Novello award . “Yeah Yeah” had been recognized by many leaders of music industry as best dance hit in 2006.

PortobellaIn the first half of 2007, was released new track from Mark Knight – “Party Animal“, which was created before “Yeah Yeah“, and was re-released “I Wish You Would“, with new interesting remixes. Soon Eye Industries will release new vocal version of Super MalBigger Than Big“, which has received many positive reviews and will be a major hit this summer. And recently, in the radio show Essential Selection Pete Tong played new single from project BodyroxPlanet Club“, which, of course, performed Luciana Caporaso.

Luciana plans in the future to start her solo career. Together with Nick Clow and D Ramirez she recently recorded new track “Trouble” and reworked some of her old Portobella material. So new hits are coming!

Super Mal – Bigger Than Big (Feat Luciana Caporaso)

Useful Links: Caporaso in MySpace. – MySpace of band Portobella. – MySpace of project Bodyrox


4 thoughts on “Luciana Caporaso”

  1. I really like her attitude, her looks and her punk/hard voice…she really is amazing!
    I think dance music in the 2000’s needed someone like her, something fresh but cool!
    Go Luciana, Go! The Dancefloor is at your feet!

  2. OMG! i absolutly love luciana, shes just amazin!
    her voice is different and great and her style i think its stunning, shes just got that attitude of ‘up yours’ and i love it, shes wrote all her songs and i think there amazin, my favorites are ‘bigger than big’ and ‘ i wish you would’, iv been trying for ages to find her album but its no where to be seen i realy hope i get it soon! xxx

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