Underworld – Crocodile

UnderworldUnderworld have completed their long-awaited fifth studio album, “Oblivion with Bells“, which has been released on October 16th, 2007. The first single from the new album, “Crocodile“, was released on September 5, 2007. But long before official release Pete Tong made this track Essential New Tune in his Essenital Selection.

Built from a vast palette of pieces they’ve been amassing since 2003, it reflects the stylistic promiscuity that always marked Underworld out from the pack, recalling Kraftwerk, Erik Satie, Can, Angelo Badalamenti, Laurie Anderson, Ralph Vaughan Williams, The Last Poets, Eno, Phillip Glass and musique concrète composers such as Pierre Boulez. It’s definitely Underworld, but it’s Underworld with a twist. “Crocodile” is, put simply, Underworld at their best. Its warped and bittersweet melodies are all held together by a meld of percussive genius that’s familiar but striving in new directions.

Pete Heller has risen to the challenge as usual taking the track in more of a house direction, but keeping the textures alive and cleaning up the vocals. The result is a typically masterful reworking. Bremen’s finest Oliver Huntemann excels with an emotive techno remix. He strips the vocal back too, giving the song a concise and direct structure and then he wraps it in a warm rolling bass heavy techno blanket. Late night business for the heads, and the connoisseurs alike.

A full world tour has been announced to support the new studio album. Currently, tour dates in the United States, Europe, and Japan are scheduled for this fall, with more shows expected in the future.

Useful Links:

www.underworldlive.comUnderworld official site.

www.myspace.com/underworldUnderworld in MySpace.


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