The Cube Guys – Be Free

The Cube Guys is a club project born in 2000 from the collaboration between two of the most important Italian producers: Roberto Intrallazzi and Luca Provera.

Roberto Intrallazzi started his musical career at the end of the 80’s as one of the producer of the F.P.I. Project, one of the most successful project of the “made in Italy” dance era, between the 80’s and the 90’s and especially famous for their track “Rich in Paradise“. In 2000 Roberto met Luca Provera, and they produced together the album “The Pleasure is All Mine” by Kym Mazelle.

As The Cube Guys their released a couple of tracks, from which most successful was “Baba O’Riley“, and some remixes on Ultra Nate, Roger Sanchez, Fish Go Deep, Ralph Falcon, Bob Sinclar, Outwork and Suzanne Palmer. They also release their tunes as Cubetronix (“Wrap My World”) and Miami Dub Machine (“Flexible” and “Be Free With Your Love”).

Latest track from The Cube Guys  “Be Free” was released on Nervous on January 20th 2009 with remixes from Paolo Aliberti and Sandro Katta. Track contains parts of famous Belinda Carlisle hit “Live Your Life Be Free“. This song was sampled many times and my favorite version still is Live Element “Be Free” released on Strictly Rhythm in 2001.

Single: The Cube Guys – Be Free (via
Single: The Cube Guys – Baba O’Riley (via


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