Groove Armada – Pull Up (Crank It Up) (Feat Slarta John)

Groove Armada are back with new super hit “Pull Up (Crank It Up)” and EP which they are giving everyone for free!

The four track EP sees the band moving into exciting new musical pastures, with some of the material being recorded live with their band for the first time. This is demonstrated on tracks “Drop The Tough” and “Go“, both songs featuring new vocalist Saint Saviour from electro-pop outfit The RGBs.

Pull Up (Crank It Up)“, with much-loved UK-based MC Slarta John, takes the EP up a gear and looks set to become their “Superstylin” of 2009. You can remember Slarta John in such hits as Basement Jaxx “Jamp’n’Shout” and “Bongoloid”, Hatiras “Spaced Invader”and Azzido Da Bass latest reincarnation of “Doom’s Night”. The track already became Essential New Tune in Pete Tong radio show Essential Selection.

El Padrino” makes up the 4, an instrumental that showcases the true talent of the live band in Balearic style. Remixes of “Drop The Tough” come courtesy of Australian Electronic/Rock group Van She and Brazilian dance duo The Twelves. And Diplo created great Mad Decent remix on “Pull Up (Crank It Up)”.

The new EP will be delivered through a sharing system called Bacardi B-LIVE Share, and Bacardi is basically serving as the band’s record label. When you register at the B-Live site, you receive one track off the new EP for free. To get more, you share a unique link for that first track (which you receive via email) to a number of friends. The more times the track you share is downloaded by your friends, and their friends, the more additional tracks you’re given access to.

The online sharing application will be available until March 2nd, when the EP becomes available via commercial digital release.

Single: Groove Armada – Drop The Tough & Pull Up (Crank It Up) (via


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