Michel Cleis

Michel Cleis is minimal techno producer from Lausanne,  Switzerland.

Michel grew up with soul and jazz music and for four years had piano lessons. He lived for some time in Berlin, Barcelona and Madrid where he assembled sound material which he often use for his productions nowadays. In the past he has worked on some electro pop projects, but now he increasingly active as a techno producer.

In September 2008 he released “Dixie on Monday / Deconstructed” on label My Best Friend and recently, in February 2009,  together with Salvatore Freda he released “Uva Fragolina EP” on Cadenza Records (Cadenza32).

But his most successful track is “La Mezcla” due to release also on Cadenza Records (Cadenza34). For sure you have heard it in the last few months as the track is played by various dj’s such as Radio Slave, Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice or Luciano and Pete Tong recently named “La Mezcla” as Essential New Tune in his radio show Essential Selection.

Original sample for this amazing track is from “Curura” by Colombian singer Toto La Momposina (it was also used in Timbaland & Magoo track “Indian Flute”), but the vocals come from the song “El Pescador” also by Toto La Momposina. This amazing facts I found on the blog of Chris Vaughan where you can also listen and compare “La Mezcla” and “Curura”.

But my personal favorite track from Michel Cleis is his remix on Eric Polaire Polar Bear“, I fall in love with this track from the first time I hear it!

Mp3: Michel Cleis – La Mezcla (Mediafire)
Mp3: Michel Cleis – Dixie On Monday (Mediafire)
Mp3: Eric Polaire – Polar Bear (Michel Cleis Remix) (Mediafire)

Single: Michel Cleis & Salavatore Freda – Una Fragolina (via 0daymusic.com)

Michel Cleis – Deconstructed


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