[Ex] Da Bass & Ian Brearley – Riga Nights

Finally Latvian musicians also started to create world class dance music which can be played on dancefloors all around the world.

This time, the high end material for clubbers was provided by one of the most notorious representatives of Latvian club culture – the leader of Illegal DJ Team Riga and the host of the Party Service show on European Hit Radio [Ex] Da Bass in collaboration with the new, perspective talent from England, Ian Brearley. The title of what is possibly the hottest club hit of the year – “Riga Nights“.

The song was written by Ilze Kalve, but production was done by [Ex] da Bass (born as Marex Dainis in 1984) and the “golden couple” of Latvian producers – Lotars Lodzins from Boyza II and Janis Kalve from Basic Instinct. Lotars Lodzins has produced such artists as Ella, Ladybird, Linda Leen and BTH, while Janis Kalve has remixed such internationally renowned artists as Vanessa Mae and Brainstorm. The cover of the single as well as video was produced by Sergey Prishvin from Pervert Media Entertainment studio.

Riga Nights” was released on February 13th of 2009 on German label Midway Records. You will find seven different versions of the “Riga Nights”: Radio Edit, Tomcraft Remix, Robert L-Mayer Remix, Illegal Club Mix, Marc Van Linden Remix, Rulers Of The Deep Remix un DJ Whirl Remix. The Robert L-Mayer Remix and Illegal Club Mix have been done here in Latvia. A wonderful versions of the song has been produced by Estonian DJ Whirl and famous house music duo Rulers Of The Deep. But the most notable remixes are the Tomcraft Remix, made by world famous electro house DJ and producer Tomcraft from Germany in collaboration with Lutzenkirchen, and the Marc Van Linden Remix . It is worth mentioning that this is the first time when stars of such caliber are working with Latvia originated music. Two of the remixes will be released on February 18th on another German record label – Farbenfroh Records.

Following the current trend, this single was released digitally for purchase in the world’s largest online stores such as Beatport, Juno, Trackitdown, DJShop, Musicload etc., with the Cd and Vinyl releases following soon after.

Currently “Riga Nights” has created a great resonance throughout Europe. The single’s material is being actively played with great success on various Baltic and European radio stations, establishing solid positions on different charts. It is also played by many international caliber DJ’s during their sets on many dance floors throughout the world. Hopefully it is just the beginning and an even greater success is still ahead!

You can watch another [Ex] Da Bass videos on his Youtube channel, but here you can watch videos from Sergey Prishvin and his Pervert Media Entertainment studio.


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