The Horrorist

The Horrorist is a stage name for Oliver Chesler (born January 20, 1970), who is a native New Yorker and is known for his innovative electronic music. Recording since 1989 he has released over 70 12″ singles and 2 full length albums and in 1997 he started his own label Things To Come Records.

His first album  “Manic Panic” was released in 2001, and on August 30, 2004 was re-released on Out of Line Music with a bonus disc containing an additional nine songs. The re-release went to No. 1 on the Deutsche Alternative Chart on October 1, 2004. The album had four singles associated with it: “One Night In NYC”, “Flesh Is The Fever”, “The Virus” and “Mission Ecstasy”.

One Night in NYC” describes the experiences of a young innocent suburban girl during a night in New York City. It’s a scary downbeat track, and what is described in the lyrics, could happen each and every night year round, a notion that makes the track even eerier. “One Night In NYC” hit No.1 on the Deutsche Dance Charts the first week of January 2001 and was remixed by such famous techno DJs as Chris Liebing, Ricardo Villalobos, Orlando Voorn and Pascal FEOS.

The Virus” is an upbeat, hardpumping track that describes what can happen “when people do evil things”. The lyrics tell the story of a young man who was bullied through out his life and later becomes addicted to drugs. He thinks up a plan for revenge, creates a virus and then unleashes it to destroy the world. Initially there were two different 12″ vinyl releases each with different remixes for “The Virus” from Ben Sims, Northern Lite, Citizen Art and Zeil 100. Later, in 2004 another German label Robot Traxx released newer remixes of “The Virus”. The release aptly titled “The Virus 2004” included remixes by Longy, DJ Falk & Plasma Beat and Fritz Laurent.

In 2007 The Horrorist released his second album “Attack Decay“. It contained many new stories such as “13 Dobermans” – a psychotic story about bullies, tranvestites and bloody revenge. The single “13 Dobermans” was released on November 18, 2007 with new remixes from The Advent, Die Krupps, Felix Krocher and Gabriel Palomo.

In 2009 The Horrorist adds his vocals onto the song “Will Ever Fall Here Again” for new Millimetric album “Experiences Modernes”, remixed track “Todd und Tuefel” for classic EBM band Die Krupps and released his new song “Born This Way” that will appear on his next third album.

Mp3: The Horrorist – One Night In Nyc (Chris Liebing Remix) (Mediafire)
Single: The Horrorist – 13 Dobermans (via
Album: The Horrorist – Attack Decay (Rapidshare)

The Horrorist – One Night In NYC


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