Milky Lasers

Recently I posted about latest Latvian dance music single “Riga Nights” from [Ex] Da Bass feat Ian Brearley. Now is the turn for our southern neighbors – Lithuanian band Milky Lasers. I must admit that I never heard about this band before I saw them live at Moonlight Party in Saulkrasti but to the end of their show I was completely in love with their sound!

Milky Lasers, better known in Lithuania as Pieno Lazeriai, is combination of talents of Andrius Sarapovas (ideological leader, musician and producer), Giedre Kilciauskiene (vocal/lyrics), Vytis Smolskas (keyboard), Mantas Augustaitis (drums), Julius Valancauskas (bass) and many others musicians. They calls their sound “electronic-punk-jazz-rock” and it consist from driving electronic and acoustic drums, catchy jazzy melodies, basic synthesizer grooves, rhythmic female vocals, samples of retro music, and occasional cheerfully nonsensical lines like “the robot is human too” or stories about sleeping grass.

In 2003 they was elected as a discovery of the year by Lithuanian site and represented lounge music of East Europe in “IRMA records” compilation “Mondo La Duce” with their peculiar “Gali Gerci Gerci” remix. During next year their song “Never Fall” was included into compilation “Female Future”, published by German label “Phazza-a-delic” (label of De-Phazz, Barbara Lahr and Pit Baumgartner). On this label in 2005 Milky Lasers released their first album “Voyage” for which they have been awarded at the Lithuanian Alternative Music Award for the “best album of the year” and the “best electronic music band”.

Their second album “Kitchen” was released in 2006 also on Phazza-a-delic. During next few years some of Milky Lasers tracks was released on different compilations such as “Note Lithuania” and “Made In LT”. In YouTube I found new songs from Milky Lasers –  “Aš Tavo Kūnas” (recorded together with Linas Adomaitis) and “100 Zudiku” (which means “100 Killers”), so I think they are going to release their 3rd album in near future. Below you can download some of their tracks from both albums and watch video on “My House” from one of the lives (other videos you can watch here).

Mp3: Milky Lasers – Dance Was Over

Mp3: Milky Lasers – My House

Mp3: Milky Lasers – Tai Chi

Milky Lasers – My House (Live)


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