Ambassador 21

Ambassador 21 is a Breakcore/Digital Hardcore/Industrial/Metal band from Minsk, Belarus which was founded in the summer of 2001 by Natasha and Alexey Protasov.

Before forming the band, Natasha and Alexey were both popular radio DJs and worked at several Belarusian FM-stations. When Alexey’s article “FM Must Die!” was published in the press and Internet and the first Ambassador21 tracks were broadcast, Ambassador21’s founders were fired from their positions as DJs.

Ambassador 21 founded their own label known as Invasion Wreck Chords to publish their debut album “Invitation To Execution“. “People Vs. Ambassador21” was released six months later. The next album “Akcija” was released in March 2004 and included collaborations with Joey “Shithead” Keithley from D.O.A., Schizoid, Punish yourself, and Fanny. In December 2004 Ambassador 21 released the “I Wanna Kill U.Com” EP and the group’s first 12″. “Akcija V1.1”. was released on CD and 2LPs in the beginning of 2005 and in 2006 they released another album “Weight Of Death“.

Natasha and Alexey Protasov in 2006 also started new side project Suicide Inside with release of first album “Learn To Swallow” on Invasion Wreck Chords. Next Suicide Inside albums – “Theory Of The Arising Of Desire” (2006) and “Dead Red” (2008) – were released on German label Pflichtkauf.

In 2007 Ambassador 21 released albums “Drunken, Crazy, With A Gun“, “Fuck All $y$tem$” and collection of remixes “Cut&Go“.

Justified Thirst For Blood“, a compilation 2002-2007, and first band’s DVD “Monsters, Victims & Witnesses” has been released in 2008 – both by Invasion and Vendetta music (US-edition).

In 2009 together with bands Chrysalide and Punish Yourself they released two-parts album “Peacemakers Inc“. New full-length album “Power Rage (Face Your Future Killers)” coming out at September 3 2009.

To better understand music and lyric of Ambassador 21 here is an excerpt  from one of their interviews.

“Our creativity is very existential. The lyrics talk mainly about personal freedom and about your own riot. When we talk about riot we are interested in the personal side of the thing. If your target is anarchy, this isn’t a problem. You don’t have to care about people that tell you that it’s an utopia and that it’s impossible to be free in this society. You’ve got to think that they built a system that doesn’t work and that is based on your fear to work. If you stop being afraid about these things you’ll make them weak. With our music we want to talk to free people. It makes no sense to talk to slaves as they’ll never listen to you. They have got more important things to do than go to an A21 gig or to buy our records, and they would think: ”Strange people, they could get a real job and make money instead…”. We don’t support revolution, we’re for riot. Revolution has concrete targets but riot, which hasn’t any, happens inside you, and that’s what’s great about it. We don’t have any political aims. We want to irritate by telling what we really want. We started this as a blietzkrieg and we’ll be going on with it.”

Mp3: Ambassador 21 – New Doctrine About Trinity II (Feat Converter)
Mp3: Ambassador 21 – Golod
Mp3: Ambassador 21 – Бeлoвeжcкaя Пyщa
Mp3: Ambassador 21 – Лyкoмopьe
Mp3: Ambassador 21 – Face Your Future Killers

Ambassador 21 – Recognized Innocent

Ambassador 21 – New Doctrine About Trinity (Feat Converter)

Ambassador 21 – Light My Fire (Live)

Ambassador 21 – Megeneration

Ambassador 21 – Legalize Death


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