Jason Rivas

House music DJ and producer Jason Rivas is from Zaragoza, Spain. He creates beautiful groovy soulful house with funky, tribal and electro influences.

Jason Rivas started to create house music in 2003 with remix on Elsa Del Mar song “Cantanda En La Noche”. During next years he released remixes on tracks Deux “Sun Rising Up”, Danny Tenaglia “Dibiza” and Modjo “Lady” plus some of his own works such as “Unreal Life” in 2004 together with KarenbeCrist, “Bcn Experience Vol 1” in 2005 and “So Many Times” in 2007.

In 2007 Jason Rivas started his own label Playdagroove! where he release majority of his works. “It Came From Outer Space”, “Dance Around Your Feet”, “Fanky Up!!!”, “The Undergraound Flux” was released in 2007 and “Something About Music”, “Electric Miami”, “You Never See My Cry (Feat Sergio Cuho)”, ‘The World Should Be Love”, “Electric Ibiza”, “The Village Of The Damned”, “Carnivale”, “We’ve Got Swing”, “Supergroove”, “Abhinaya” plus some Ep’s and compilations was released in 2008.

Jason Rivas also release his tracks on other labels such as Autocue (track “El Cielo (Feat Elsa Del Mar” in 2008), Neurotic Groove (tracks “Digital Pray”, “Keep This Feelin”, “Deep In My Soul” in 2008) and Dr Kucho’s label Disco Doctor (my favorite track of Jason Rivas “Noche En Venecia” in December 2008).

His latest works include tracks “Children Shouldn’t Play With Funky Things”, “Don’t Stop The Groove (Feat Juan Serrano)”, “Imagina Y Vuela (feat Elsa Del Mar)”, “Black Moon” and “Madness” which was released on Playdagroove! during 2009, “Feel The Music” was released on label Full Throttle in May. Jason Rivas also created many remixes for Stereo Mutants, Park Street, Ronnie Maze, DJ Kone & Marc Palacios plus for some Playdagroove! artists.

Mp3: Elsa Del Mar & Jason Rivas – Imagina Y Vuela (Vocal Extended Mix)
Mp3: Elsa Del Mar & Jason Rivas – Freskito (Vocal Club Mix)
Mp3: Jason Rivas – Noche En Venecia (Original Club Mix)
Mp3: Jason Rivas – Children Shouldnt Play With Funky Things (Original Club Mix)
Mp3: Whodany – Drugs Are Bad (Feat Patci) (Jason Rivas Club Mix)


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