Roy Davis Jr

Roy Davis Jr describes his style as “Soul Electrica”, a hybrid of soul and electronic music. His masterful weave of R&B with floor-stomping tech-dance tunes has created classic club anthems, making Davis one of the most sought-after DJs in the world.

He was introduced to dance music by late 1980’s legends as DJ Pierre, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Marshall Jefferson and Lil’ Louis. “I’ve always been in to music but these were the DJs that really inspired me. Lil’ Louis was always my favorite DJ because he knew how to play it all, from mellow, club, classics, he was so diverse – he taught me how to mix it up, that’s how I got my style,” says Davis Jr. “I started DJing myself when I was 12 or 13, spinning break dance music, Italian disco, then house.”

He produced his first record with DJ Pierre and Phuture, he has also worked with some of houses all time greats such as, Marshall Jefferson, Lil’ Louis, Ron Trent, Steve Poindexter, Byron Stingley, and Daft Punk.

In 1991, Roy got together with Jay Juniel and Sheena Mahome and started the group Umosia on Polydor/Big Beat. “We are Unity” was the first single. Roy then went to Strictly Rhythm, where he brought his talent and skills to develop into great forms of art with the Believers “Who Dares To Believe In Me?”, Underworld “Angels Calling”, Phuture “Rise From Your Grave”, “Inside Out” and also the famous Roy Davis Projects 1-3. Roy has also been the man to carry the Chicago House sound to Power Music with DJ Duke with “People From Mars”, “The Secret Mission Album” and “The Wildlife Experience 1 and 2”.

You can’t mention Roy Davis Jr without mentioning “Gabriel“, released in 1998 on Large/XL. “Gabriel” was hailed “Dance Tune Of The Year” by countless publications worldwide and is one earliest takes on the entire Garage/2step genre. Produced with vocalist and multitalaned musician Peven Everett, “Gabriel” is a certified soulful house music anthem that sounds as afresh as the day it was made. Credited by some with kick-starting the UK garage / 2step scene is was a tune that would change Roy’s musical direction and take him back to his spiritual roots.

After “Gabrielle” Roy Davis Jr released a lot of great house music hits such as “Michael“, “Join The Kingdom” and “Rock Shock“,

his reputation as a producer landed him work with major labels such as: Warner Brothers, Sony and MCA doing dance remixes for their top artists. Roy is diversified in the area of production with dozens of remixes including chart-toppers for Underworld, Gus Gus, Eric Benet/Faith Evans, Seal, Morcheeba and Mary J. Blige. His Terry Dexter remix of “Better Than Me” landed #3 in Billboard Dance chart, while his remix of Modjo’s “Lady”, soared to #1.

In July 2009 Roy Davis Jr released his latest album “God Life Music“. From electro-80’s flavors to cool R&B and back to his Chicago house music roots, the album overflows with catchy pop-chart material. “God Life Music” features seven different vocalists including Detroit’s Billboard topping Terry Dexter, Los Angeles rapper Khalid, Erin Martin, XL, and even Roy’s younger brother and nephew (J. Noize & Yung Nef aka Heat Fam) make an appearance on the farout hip-hop cut, “Space Muzik.”

The greatest hit from this album was “I Have A Vision” (Feat Erin Martin), especially version remixed by Fred Falke. I used this version for latest Yogzatot video “We Are The Future“, it had such great amount of positivity and optimism which in video we balanced with great dose of reality.

Mp3: Phuture – Rise From Your Grave

Mp3: Roy Davis Jr – Gabriel (Feat Peven Everett)

Mp3: Roy Davis Jr – I Have A Vision (Feat Erin Martin) (Fred Falke Remix)

Mp3: Roy Davis Jr – Michael (Love From San Francisco Vocal Mix)

Mp3: Roy Davis Jr – What Cha Gonna Do (Feat Erin Martin)

Roy Davis Jr – I Have A Vision (Feat Erin Martin) (Fred Falke Remix)


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