Chocolate Puma

Chocolate Puma is the project of Gaston Steenkist (DJ Zki) and René ter Horst (Dobre), a house music duo from Haarlem, the Netherlands. They have produced multiple dance hits under various group names since the early 1990s.

They started in 1992 under the name of The Good Men, their biggest hit was “Give It Up“, a house music track based upon loud, samba-styled percussion and the simple, repeating vocal line of the song title. It hit #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1993 and made a brief appearance on the Hot 100, peaking at #71. After being re-released in late 1993, it reached #5 in the UK Singles Chart. In 1995 Simply Red sampled “Give It Up” for “Fairground”, their UK Number One hit of that year.

As Rene says about their first hit “We are still very proud of “Give It Up”. It was created in a small blender and mixed broken speakers in Gaston’s bedroom. Its a unique record that people still play the sample and the whole world knows that play!”.

In 2001 they returned to the dance charts under the artist names of Mechanical Soul Saloon, F-action, Basco, DJ Manta, DJ Zki & Dobre, Fresh Tunes, Glenn Masters, Jark Prongo, Klatsch!, René Et Gaston, Rhythmkillaz, Riva, Stainless, and Tomba Vira.

But their most successful project is Chocolate Puma. In 2001 they produced first single under that moniker “I Wanna Be U” which was an immediate success and enter the British top 100 at number 6. Their next Chocolate Puma releases also was very successful on dancefloor – “A Star Is Born” (2003), “4 Letter Word” (2005), “Always And Forever” (2005), “Another Day” (2007).

In 2008 they released tracks “Route”, “Morning Rain”, “Whohaddrums” as well as “Touch Me”, their first single together with Bingo Players. 2009 was their most productive year. Chocolate Puma released another track together with Bingo Players “Disco Electrique”, “Solarianism” (together with Baggi Begovic and. Mitch Crown), “R2G2” (with Hardsoul) and some of their solo tracks – “Only Love Can Save Me”, “Dub Of Boom” and “Bugel”.

Of course Chocolate Puma is also very active in the sphere of remix production. They created remixes on such hits as “Never Enough” from Boris Dlugosh, “One Love” from David Guetta, “You Can’t Change Me” from Roger Sanchez, “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” from Britney Spears as well as remixed the works of such great musicians as Copyright, Bart B More, Dirty South, Laidback Luke, Milk & Sugar, Robert Owens, Static Revengers and many others.

Chocolate Puma latest works include “Back Home” (Feat Colonel Reid) and “Tonco Tone EP”  (including track “MFS“) which was released on 20th October on Defected. And on their website you can listen to their latest remix on The Beatthiefs track “Umbungo“.

Chocolate Puma – Tonco Tone

Chocolate Puma – MFS

Chocolate Puma – I Wanna Be U (UK Radio Edit)

Chocolate Puma – A Star Is Born

Chocolate Puma – Always And Forever

Chocolate Puma – Tonco Tone


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