Thea Van Seijen

While collecting huge collection of music I always pleasantly fascinated when I come across great unique voice, especially if it is great unique female voice. I really don’t know why but I am great fan of singing woman and always thought that their voices are more satiable for every kind of electronic dance music than man’s.

This time I found unique voice while watching anime “Afro Samurai”. Thea Van Seijen is Dutch singer from Leeuwarden, near Amsterdam. She was discovered by a friend of RZA, who was trying to get her number while she was walking by RZA’s studio.

Her vocal style comes across as being strongly inspired by such Jazz legends as Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker but fused with hip-hop instrumentalists with a deep personal and intimate approach to singing. It’s the skills and gift that Thea had that made RZA enlist her as his new found protégé, Thea was introduced to the world on the hit song “Baby Boy” in 2005 off the Unleash soundtrack and have gone on to feature on numerous projects.

In 2008 she was  featured on RZA as Bobby Digital album “Digi Snacks” on tracks “Drama” and “Good Night“. She also sing on another RZA track “NYC Crack“. Fans of “Afro Samurai” can remember her voice in such songs as “Fight For You“, “Fury In My Eyes“, “Bloody Samurai“, “Bloody Days Bloody Nights“. Another surprising appearances of her voice is on track “Angel” on Ralph Myerz 2008 album “Ralphorama! – Appetite 4 Selfdestruction” and on track “Move Me” from Voca.

Currently Thea Van Seijen is putting together her first debut album, so I hope we can soon hear again her amazing voice.

Mp3: Thea – Baby Boy
Mp3: Thea Van Seijen – Fight For You
Mp3: Thea Van Seijen – Fury In My Eyes (Revenge)
Mp3: Ralph Myerz – Angel (Feat Thea)
Mp3: Prodigal Sunn & Thea Van Seijen – Bloody Days Bloody Nights
Mp3: Black Knights, Dexter Wiggles & Thea Van Seijen – Bloody Samurai

Thea – Baby Boy


One thought on “Thea Van Seijen”

  1. thanks man, thea is a very good singer, I loved some musics of The Rza’s cd, I hope that “thea” make more good songs she has a beautiful voice,….. ^~^ , ty Cy-a

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