Beatman & Ludmilla

Ludmilla (aka Fruzsina Luca Toman) has been one of the most successful and most versatile female breakbeat DJs for the last 10 years in Europe. She started up as a DJ in  Hungarian (formerly pirate) radio called Tilos, spreading the goodwill of breakbeat, tech house and garage. Around this time, Ludmilla began traveling around Hungary quite a bit, and quickly became well known countrywide.

She got the taste of production in late 2001 by remixing a Dub4U track called “Birthday” (CHI-Recordings) with her love/co-musician partner, Beatman (aka Gábor Dienes). Many years’ work in the music industry, like producing and DJ’ing helps the constant flow of ideas shaping into quality tunes through their hands. Their distinctive style got into shape by more than one thousand DJ appearances and live shows all across Europe (Hungary, Spain, France, Ireland, Czech, Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Romania).

Their works were retouched by the biggest names such as Future Funk Squad, Aquasky vs Masterblaster, Backdraft, Shiloh, Plastic Shell – just name a few. These tracks were released on the scene’s hippest labels like Finger Lickin’ White, En:Vision, Hacker, Aurium Recordings, Vinyl Addiction Breaks, Cut’n’Run (UK no1 bootleg label), I-Lectrik, CHI, or Positiva’s Medcab bootleg-imprint.

In 2004 they’re remixed Korai Öröm track “6“, for a Remix-Album and released a track “Twist Dead Fable” for MultiCafé promotional CD. Then they’re signed to I-Lectrik Records (UK) and released “Amira” with a remix on flipside from one of the best breakbeat producers Aquasky vs Masterblaster. Another big thing of the year was a release of the famous Delerium “Silence” remix (called the Hungary For Breaks mix) on Medcab Records (UK).

In 2006 they started their own label called Ayra Recordings where they release majority of their tracks such as “Only”, “Aaron Made A Big Mistake”, “Lizarb the Sad Clown”, “Inka”, “Bittersweet”, “Ayra”, “Leeroy Jenkins”, “Moldova” and some of their remixes such as Trifonic “Parks On Fire”, Hanuman Tribe “Baba Jaga”, Blazer “Toxic Girl”, . Together with Future Funk Squad they also created “”About To Fall” which was released in 2009 on En:Vision Recordings.

Latest hit from Beatman & Ludmilla is their massive “Backyard (She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore)” which was released on Ayra Recordings with remixes from Future Funk Squad, Hyper, Loaded Fist and The Analogeeks. Currently “Backyard” is number 1 in Beatport Breaks chart.

Beatman & Ludmilla on SoundCloud


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