TAVO is the alter-ego of Colombian DJ and Producer Gustavo Sandoval and he has been on the music stage for over half of his life.

His career can be summed in three different stages. It picked up in 1996 when he was awarded a World Record Guinness title after spending 127.2’3” hours mixing non stop in a local Radio Station in Cali, Colombia, it was this what made him realize the potential on an International career and after touring all over Latin America he was offered a residence in the legendary nightclub Rock Café in Panama City.

From there and after a successful experience, he was offered a residence in Tokyo, where just after a few days and thanks to his amazing open format style, he became one of the must recognized figures of Roppongi’s club scene.

After this great experience and believing in the promising development of the Asian market, he relocated in China where he was offered one of the spots in the must important DJ Agency in Shanghai, he performed thanks to this deal, in over 40 cities of this vast country, one of them Lhasa, where he became the first Colombian (and foreign DJ) to play in Tibet.

The page has now turned with a brand new focus and a new adventure, TAVO is located in Romania and is focusing on the European market one that is listening to him due to his massive Electro Swing track “Hollywood (Black & Tan)” released by Bedroom Muzik a well know International Music Label that choose him as one of their flag producers.

“Hollywood” is a new electronic take of Cleo Brown’s “When Hollywood Goes Black & Tan”and comes with some awesome remixes by UK DJ Producer Enzo Siffredi and Denny K & Horatio from Romania, as well as Nuclear Remix from Tavo himself.

Recently he also released new compilation “Bedroom Sessions Vol 2” wtih two amazing sets “Peak Time” & “After Hours” mixing the best of Bedroom Muzik’s catalogue, including tracks by Dj Wady, Milton Channels, Blacktron, Alex Young, Alex Gomez, Ray MD, Jan Pich & others.

Also check out his mix “That Swing Sound for Dummies” for people starting on the Electro Swing movement, it has been called the must complete set in the genre, and don’t for get his other great mixes on SoundCloud.


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