Kojima Mayumi

Recently I wrote about Thea Van Seijen, amazing singer I found while watching “Afro Samurai” anime. This post is about another great singer, which I also found while watching anime, and this time it’s real Japanese deal.

Kojima Mayumi is quite a unique talent in Japanese music landscape. Her music is best described as a colorful floral bouquet of 50s’ rock’n roll, j-pop, jazz, bebop and swing music with good portion of weirdness and self-irony. She was born in Tokyo, Japan on September 30th, 1972. Since 1994 she released more than 10 albums, starting with “Blues De Cecile” in August 1995, each one better than previous.

I found Kojima Mayumi while watching anime “Ghost Hound“, where she performed opener “Poltergeist“, still one of my favorite her songs. It’s a great combination of amazing voice and energetic music, and you can find it on her album “Ai No Poltergeist” which was released in January 2001.

My another favorite song from Kojima Mayumi is “Amai Koi” (you can translate it as “Sweet Love”) from her album “My Name Is Blue“, which also somehow resemble “Poltergeist”. But she is really eclectic person, on her albums you can find songs in almost every genre available, from Jazz, Bebop and Swing to playful J-Pop, Rock’n’Roll and Psychedelic.

Further you can watch some of her live performances, some of them very old from beginning of her career in the 90s.

Mp3: Kojima Mayumi – Poltergeist
Mp3: Kojima Mayumi – Amai Koi (Album Verison)
Mp3: Kojima Mayumi – Turkish Coffee
Mp3: Kojima Mayumi – Chocho
Mp3: Kojima Mayumi – Akai Boshi

Kojima Mayumi – Seshirukattoburusu

Kojima Mayumi – Hard Bop

Kojima Mayumi – Poltergeist

Kojima Mayumi – Arabesque

Kojima Mayumi – Amai Koi

Kojima Mayumi – Dating Agency

Kojima Mayumi – Himawari


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