Maya Jane Coles

Since first bursting on to the electronic scene, British-Japanese 23 year old, Maya Jane Coles has quickly established herself as one of the most respected cutting edge producers in London today. Winning fans and critics hearts and heads a like with her unique style of House music, Maya likes to keep things fresh, making her mark with her memorable DJ and live sets.

Her previous releases have regularly hit the Beatport charts and earned her support from some of the most Legendary DJs on the scene, including her track “What They Say” which reached the no.1 spot in the Beatport Deep House chart. She has a respectable catalog of dusky, brittle tech house going back two years, mostly on the labels Dogmatik (“Sick Panda EP” in 2008, “Monochrome EP” in 2009) and 1trax (“Not In My House” in 2009 and “Get Away” in 2010); you can hear her working out her vision in those tracks, carving her own particular stamp out of familiar materials – finely whittled digital production, rolling sub bass, broad strokes of sampled voice, dubby chord stabs, detuned keys. She also remixed Todd Terry “Uncle Tech” and Alex Dimou “Sodium” among some others.

Maya’s productions take influence from a diverse range musical sources and her talents stretch far beyond House music. Her dub/electronica outfit, She Is Danger (alongside vocalist Lena Cullen) is also steadily on the rise with “Who’s That Girl” and “Hurt You” (especially popular is remix by dubstep heavyweight Subscape) and under this guise she has remixed the likes of Massive Attack, Gorillaz, Ellie Goulding, Groove Armada and Dreadzone. Maya also has a Dubstep project under the name Nocturnal Sunshine, with tracks such as “Can’t Hide The Way I Feel” being supported by the likes of Joy Orbison, TRG and Scuba.

Her latest release “Humming Bird EP” was released on December 6th 2010 on Hypercolour and produced such hits as “Humming Bird” (currently Nr1 in Beatport Deep House chart, with “What They Say” still in Top 5) and “Nobody Else” (Nr 3 in Beatport Chill Out chart). If you want to know more about Maya Jane Coles check this and this interviews and be sure to watch out for her upcoming “No Sympathy” release out December 22nd and a possible album in 2011.

Maya Jane Coles – Humming Bird

Maya Jane Coles – Nobody Else

Maya Jane Coles – What They Say

She Is Danger – Who’s That Girl

Nocturnal Sunshine – Can’t Hide The Way I Feel


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