Subscape is a dubstep producer hailing from the London, UK, who produces the grimiest, filthiest, most obscene sounds ever to hit the eardrums of anyone who has ever had the mind-blowing experience of listening to him. His music sounds like a robot committing suicide.” After that introduction no wonder everyone want to know more about him.

Subscape also known as Anthony Peters is a great example of the explosion of London based dubstep musicians making names for themselves. As he said about beginning of his musical journey: “First started getting addicted to dubstep in 2005, that’s when I first started experimenting with it. Before then I didn’t produce, I was mixing D&B and garage and was into a much darker vibe.”

Then he signed to Caspa‘s Dub Police label where he released one great record after another. Starting with “Transaction / Bad Man“, then followed by “Wrong Number / Nothings Wrong“, “Hardcore Members / Midnight“, and finally his latest “Time To Escape EP” was released on Novembr 1st 2010. “It’s the first one EP that I’ve released so far but there will be many more to come in the future. In my opinion the essential things to consider when putting together an EP are ensuring that you’ve got four strong tracks on there to show what your style is about and to get people more involved in your sound. On the “Time To Escape EP” I wanted two filthy bangers (“Screw Up” and “Mr Kipling“) and two more deeper tracks (“Just Coz” and “All Day“) to give a range of different styles on the EP.”

His another works was released by labels Pitch Black (“Slow Moe / Artificial Dreamer”) and Subway (“Dreadlock / Low Heights”). He also worked together with Caspa on “Geordie Race” and remixed She Is Danger “Hurt You”, The Qemist “Dem Na Like Me (Feat Wiley)” and Maps “Die Happy, Die Smiling”. And it is not the end.

“Right now, I’ve got a lot of projects in the works at the moment, mainly working on stuff with a deep euphoric feel with some vocals. In the future, I’m probably dropping another single then maybe follow it up with a part two for the EP. There is also going to be a Subscape tour coming up in the states for the start of 2011 and gigs all round the UK and Europe.”

Subscape – Time To Escape EP

Subscape – Nothing Wrong

She Is Danger – Hurt You (Subscape Remix)


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