List Of Night Clubs in Riga, Latvia

This is my list of night clubs, or more likely list of night spots in my home city Riga in Latvia. In this list I included not only night clubs, but also different bars, cafe and restaurants where djs are playing on weekends, and some places where you can listen to live bands.

Night clubs are arranged in alphabetical order, so some biggest and most popular night clubs are mixed with small, niche clubs. In the future I planning to create list of Top 10 best night clubs in Riga and to write special post series about the most popular night clubs, with photos, videos, and some information about DJs, so stay tuned and check this blog more often.

I’ll try to update this list with new spots, and erase places that are closed. If you know some place in Riga that I did not include in this list please leave  description of it in the comments.

You can find all the mentioned clubs on this special Google Map Of Night Clubs In Riga, Latvia.

List Of Night Clubs In Riga, Latvia


3 thoughts on “List Of Night Clubs in Riga, Latvia”

  1. Before you go out tonight, go to to make sure you stay safe and don’t end up in the drunk tank!

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