Spanda Records

Spanda is an old sanskrit term that means “vibration”. In more deeper context of hindu philosophy it is a sacred vibration that stimulates all beings to create, grow personally and to be self-realized. And the best way to promote sacred vibrations is of course through music.

Spanda Records is a new Berlin based label which aim is to create the platform for eclectic, but dancefloor oriented productions of upcoming and well known forward-looking music artists as well as to provide primary outlet for productions of an artist best known as Max Brannslokker. Spanda records label is going to be a kind of creative laboratory developing broad range of exceptional quality electronic music suitable for listening anywhere and anytime.

The first release from Spanda Records is “Spanda Expo 01” from Max Brannslokker and Katya Tyukova.

Max Brannslokker is Latvian electronic music artist and dj currently based in Germany. He has proved his talent by making releases on different European and American labels, including Kostbar Music, Globox, i220 and De’fchild Productions. Beside that Max has made numerous remixes and his tracks appear on compilations of DFA, Minisketch, Eintakt, Unfoundsound and other labels.

Katya Tyukova is a music artist currently living in Berlin. Katya writes vocals about spiritual experiences, plays guitar, produces techno and house mixes and performs on events. Music makes an important part of her life, but her manner of self-expression can take numerous forms.

On “Spanda Expo 01” you can find “Molecular Edit” of their collaborative track “Clone” and track “Harmala” from Max Brannslokker. You can listen it through Soundcloud widget or download it on their website, where you can also listen to “August 2009 Promo Mix” from Max.