Dada, Harris & Obernik – Stereo Flo

Stereo Flo” is new massive dance hit from¬†Dada, Paul Harris and Sam Obernik. Paul Harris and Sam Obernik worked together with Dave Spoon on another dance hit from last year “Baditude“. This time they collaborated with another famous dance music producer Matt Schwartz.

Matt Schwartz is more famous under different alias and projects such as Deepest Blue (together with Joel Edwards), 4Tune500 (with Jo Mills), The Drill and Dada. His latest big works include such club hits as Deepest Blue “Deepest Blue” and “Give It Away”, Dada “Lollipop”, The Drill “The Drill” and “Piano Mano”, and 4Tune500 “Dancing In The Dark”.

Paul Harris is famous by his work in Grammy Award-winning British house music trio Dirty Vegas. The group was formed in 2001, became famous with hit single “Days Go By”, broke up in 2005, but reformed in December 2008 to record new material.After Dirty Vegas Pul Harris released his solo works on labels Toolroom, Saved, Little Mountain, Rekids and Big Love. His latst works inlucde singles “Watchin Fallin Stars” (2005), “Find Yourself A Friend” (2006), “Miscalate” (2007), “Better Days” together with Dirty South, “Blown” together with James Doman, “Deliver Me” together with Cevin Fisher and “You” together with Steve Mac in 2008. And of course mega hit “Baditude” together with Dave Spoon and Sam Obernik.

Sam Obernik became famous in 2002 when she song on Time Deluxe massive dance hit “It Just Won’t Do“.¬† She also released her own solo album “Stellify” and single “Mr Butterfly” in 2003. But she is still more famous by her work with another dance music producers. She sing on such dance hits as Linus Loves “Stand Back” (2004), Alex Gaudino “Que Pasa Contigo” (2007) and “Baditude” in 2008. Her latest works include new tracks “Me You & Space” together with Steven Lee (Lee Cabrera) & Gaby Dershin, “Love Emergency” with Kurd Maverick and new vocal version for Jean Claude Ades and Vincent Thomas “Shingaling”.

Stereo Flo” was released on Matt Schwartz’s label Destined Records on March 5th, 2009 with new remixes from Paul Harris, Ron May and from Matt Schwartz project The Drill.

Single: Spoon, Harris & Obernik – Baditude (via

Dada, Harris & Obernik – Stereo Flo