Hamburg-based Tensnake has embraced his love of all things 80s Boogie and early House to create some of the sweetest sounds to hit the dancefloors since Disco made itself known again. His track “Coma Cat” is one of those cuts that comes along every few years that screams classic. A masterpiece in its simplicity and its cleverness in creating something new and fresh from something old.

Tensnake, aka Marco Niemerski, was born in 1975 in Hamburg and was brought up listening to the strains of New Romantic on the radio. “I grew up in the suburbs where there was nothing to do except listen to music so the radio was the most exciting thing around me.” That started his appetite for records, records and more records. He started producing in the mid-2000s and was inspired by the Disco strains of Metro Area and uninspired by the Minimal sounds that had engulfed Germany.

He created the name Tensnake from a random word creation. “I was searching for something unique – for example, in Google, you immediately find me and it looks good, iconic even. I seem to remember seeing the words written on my desk. Even Japanese people can say it!”.

In 2006 with two friends he started label Mirau, where he released his first “Restless EP“. Then followed a couple of releases on Players Paradise, Radius Records (“Fried Egg EP” in 2007), Endless Flight (“Keep Believin” in 2008) and Running Back (“In The End (I Want You To Cry)” in 2009 which included track “Holding Back My Love“).

But it was his track “Coma Cat” that placed him on the global map of dance music. Since release in 2010 it became really great crossover hit, played by everyone from Annie Mac and Pete Tong to Trevor Nelson, Radio Slave, Prins Thomas and many others. The song was re-released on different labels, and latest remix from Round Table Knights became “Essential New Tune Of The Year” in “Essential Selection”, influential show of Pete Tong on Radio 1 .

Tensnake is now being swamped with remix duties, making remixes on Aloe Blacc “I Need A Dollar”, Azari & III “Reckless For Your Love”, Goldfrapp “Alive”, Junior Boys “FM”, Scissor Sisters “Any Which Way”, Vega “No Reasons” and Toby Tobias “In Your Eyes”.

Tensnake – Coma Cat

Tensnake – Remix Selection

Tensnake – Coma Cat


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