Detboi (real name Dos McGouran) is a producer and DJ from Dublin who started cutting his production teeth in the early 00’s as the Xerox Soundsystem with his production buddy Speakertreatz, making cheeky cut ups and bootlegs, gaining props from MTV, Erol Alkan and Soulwax.

Since his first EP dropped in 2008 (“Hold Up“) he has gained praise from the major players of the scene including Hervé, Sinden, Annie Mac and Crookers and in 2008 Detboi signed to Skint records releasing the widely acclaimed “Come Rest Up / Jump Up & Down” EP, appearing on the Count & Sinden Essential mix and Tommie Sunshines “Relax, This Won’t Hurt” mix series.

Detboi also contributed to Hervé’s Machines Dont Care collaboration project producing with Hervé, Sinden and Trevor Loveys. Swiftly signing to Cheap Thrills Records and going on to remix for labels such as Southern Fried, Skint and Epitaph, whilst also doing a highly acclaimed “In New DJs We Trust’ mix for BBC Radio 1. He also remixed Chelley “Took The Night”, Hadouken “M.A.D.”, Herve “Cheap Thrills”, Uffie “Hot Chick”, Kid Sister “Beeper”, and colaborated with Dub Frequency on “Drop” and Foamo on “Girls Dem Go“.

In 2009, he released his first Cheap Thrills EP “Y’all Want Mo“, which again gained a lot of support from international DJs Like Crookers, Don Rimini, Zinc, Foamo, Don Diablo, His Majesty Andre, Plump DJs, Fake Blood, Annie Mac to name a few.

After an incredible tour of Japan, which seen Detboi play 4 cities in 5 nights he came back refreshed and inspired to complete his first studio album “Curse Of The Voodoo Drums“. In 2010 on Cheap Thrills Detboi released “Rainbows” (feat Blisscotheque) which was picked by Fatboy Slim for his forthcoming Mixmag CD. Then Detboi and Hervé team up on the first release from his mini album to produce the massive “Voices in Heaven” (feat Ubber Wallya) with a Hervé remix on the package. Then in August 23, 2010 came “Curse Of The Voodoo Drums“. 9 tracks, including “Rainbows”, and “Voices In Heaven”, as well “Demdems”, “I Am”, “Sirens”, “The Whistler”, “Oooooooh”, “Bass Go Deep” and “Deepah Cry”.

Detboi – Rainbows (Feat Blisscothque)

Detboi & Foamo – Girls Dem Go

Detboi Remixes

Detboi – Voices In Heaven (Feat Ubber Wallya)


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