Kultur & Colombo

Kultur & Colombo, two experienced producers of Spanish Breaks scene, join forces to give the best of themselves in a project initiated in 2006. Advocates of authentic Breaks movement, cool sounds and a varied musical spectrum, this duo is here to offer handy rhythms for everyone, far away from any underground curtain that serves to disadvantage the global Breaks scene.

Separately, both components have already obtained many successes in their country. Kultur (real name Francisco Gil) is the instigator of the Spanish Breaks Scene, he started as Breaks DJ in 1995, getting in 2 years to turn this genre in the favorite of the ravers in Southern Spain, through the radio show “Mundo Evassion”, in which he was a collaborator from a state broadcaster.

Pioneer in creating labels purely of Breaks in Spain (“Weekend: Breaks records.” 1999) it was in 2001 when he launched what would be his first own label “Reflexmusik”, which later would have two sub-labels “Zeroes & Ones” and “Tum Tum Pak”. Through these labels he published more than 60 releases (vinyl 12″s, mixed CDs), betting on young producers in the country.

In 2002 he appeared in front of 14,000 Breaks ravers in the biggest event of this kind of music in the world, the 5th Anniversary of “Mundo Evassion” (Málaga, Spain). He actually manages 3 new labels dedicated to launch digital releases: “Metamorph Muzik”, “Logico Beatz” and “Kultura Breakz”, latter share the name with his own weekly radio program, broadcast on iBreaks Radio every Thursday from 22h to 00h (UK time).

The other component of the project, Colombo (real name Alex Rojo), is a promising Spanish producer, which has showing his worth and his abilities in his compositions since 2000. He has published several productions under the label “Reflexmusik” getting a tremendous success and a great acceptance by DJs and Breakers.

From 2006 Kultur & Colombo released many great tracks such as “Babe“, “Konflict“, “Stronger To My Beat“, plus some nice remixes on Hihat, Krapula Concept, Laurent Garnier, Merka, Robosapiens, Triple Agent and Valentina Lafuente. Colombo also released some solo records – “Throazhan” on Kultura Breaks, “Inzekt” on Metamorph Muzik and “Heep Hoop” on iBreaks.

In 2010 Kultur & Colombo delivered six tracks for “Kissing The Funk EP” for iBreaks Funk, distributed in three parts, first part contained tracks “Blow Me” and “1, 2, 3… Breakbeat“, second “Muzik” and “Take It On“, the third “The Good Times / Robotiko” was released on December 13th 2010 on Metamorph Muzik. “The Good Times” took number 1 spot in Beatport Breaks chart with “Robotiko” following a little behind. You can hear latest tracks and remixes from Kultur & Colombo on their SoundCloud.

Kultur & Colombo – The Good Times

Kultur & Colombo – Robotiko

Kultur & Colombo – Stronger To My Beat

Kultur & Colombo – Muzik


Chasing Shadows

Chasing Shadows is dubstep project of Joe Erskine & Luca Gulotta from Bristol/London, UK,  who are often noted for their menacing signature sound.

They came to prominence in 2009 when their dark production style broke through massive remix of Damian MarleyIt Was Written“. They got signed by H.E.N.C.H Recordings, where they started with release of “Ill / Amirah” and followed by “Dr Sin / The End” receiving heavy support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Pendulum, Plastician and others.

In 2010 they released rework of Depeche Mode classic “Dream On“, remixes of Laid BackRed“, Foreign BeggarsTyphoon“, Master Shortie Daydream” and their own “Odyssey“. And in December 2010 the remix of Chasing Shadow track “Amirah” from breakbeat legend Elite Force topped Beatport breaks chart.

Chasing Shadows – Dr Sin

Chasing Shadows – Amirah

Chasing Shadows – Amirah (Elite Force Revamp)

Chasing Shadows – Dr Sin

Alex Metric

Alex Metric (born Alex Drury) is a Britsh musician, DJ and producer.

He started his musical career in 2005 creating breakbeat tacks  “Hell Yeah“, “Leave It” and “Stale” for great labels Lot49. Then he released some tracks on Burrito Records (“This Is Hip Hop” in 2005, “Forget It All” n 2006), Four:Twenty Recordings (“Holding” in 2006), Spin Out Records (“Spilt Milk” and “U Ready” in 2006) and Beats Records (“Space Hopper” in 2007).

In 2007 Alex Metric found himself signed to Adam Freeland‘s Marine Parade label, where he promptly offered one great EP afther another – “What She Wants“, “Deadly On A Mission“, “In Your Machine” and “Head Straight“.

Alex Metric came to prominence in 2008 after being voted ‘Best Remixer of the Year’ by London radio station XFM. He earned it by remixing works for Splittr, La Roux, Fenech-Soler, Ladyhawke, Reverend And The Makers, Alphabeat, Infadels,  Freeland, U2, Phoenix, Kenneth Bager, Bloc Party, Gorillaz, Ellie Goulding, Beastie Boys. He also worked as a producer for acts such as The Infadels, Charli Xcx and Adam Freeland.

In 2009, Metric joined Radio 1’s ‘In New DJs We Trust’ with his first show on June 12, 2009. In January 2010 Clash Music magazine ranked him at number two in their list of the best DJs of 2010, second only to Brodinski.

In 2010 he also released his one of the biggest hits “It Starts“. “It Starts” sees Alex taking up vocal duties once more, backed with quick-stepping drums, crackling synths and guitar from no less than Bloc Party’s Russell Lissack, this is a real statement of intent from Metric, showcasing his ever-expanding pop sensibilities and all-encompassing love of both indie and electronic music.

Currently he keeps himself busy by mastering his debut album due to release in 2011, touring with his live show and producing next album for Infadels. He also decided to leave Radio 1 show ‘In New DJs We Trust’ to focus more on his production and touring.

Alex Metric – Deadly On A Mission

Alex Metric – What She Wants

Alex Metric – Head Straight

Alex Metric – It Starts

Beatman & Ludmilla

Ludmilla (aka Fruzsina Luca Toman) has been one of the most successful and most versatile female breakbeat DJs for the last 10 years in Europe. She started up as a DJ in  Hungarian (formerly pirate) radio called Tilos, spreading the goodwill of breakbeat, tech house and garage. Around this time, Ludmilla began traveling around Hungary quite a bit, and quickly became well known countrywide.

She got the taste of production in late 2001 by remixing a Dub4U track called “Birthday” (CHI-Recordings) with her love/co-musician partner, Beatman (aka Gábor Dienes). Many years’ work in the music industry, like producing and DJ’ing helps the constant flow of ideas shaping into quality tunes through their hands. Their distinctive style got into shape by more than one thousand DJ appearances and live shows all across Europe (Hungary, Spain, France, Ireland, Czech, Poland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Romania).

Their works were retouched by the biggest names such as Future Funk Squad, Aquasky vs Masterblaster, Backdraft, Shiloh, Plastic Shell – just name a few. These tracks were released on the scene’s hippest labels like Finger Lickin’ White, En:Vision, Hacker, Aurium Recordings, Vinyl Addiction Breaks, Cut’n’Run (UK no1 bootleg label), I-Lectrik, CHI, or Positiva’s Medcab bootleg-imprint.

In 2004 they’re remixed Korai Öröm track “6“, for a Remix-Album and released a track “Twist Dead Fable” for MultiCafé promotional CD. Then they’re signed to I-Lectrik Records (UK) and released “Amira” with a remix on flipside from one of the best breakbeat producers Aquasky vs Masterblaster. Another big thing of the year was a release of the famous Delerium “Silence” remix (called the Hungary For Breaks mix) on Medcab Records (UK).

In 2006 they started their own label called Ayra Recordings where they release majority of their tracks such as “Only”, “Aaron Made A Big Mistake”, “Lizarb the Sad Clown”, “Inka”, “Bittersweet”, “Ayra”, “Leeroy Jenkins”, “Moldova” and some of their remixes such as Trifonic “Parks On Fire”, Hanuman Tribe “Baba Jaga”, Blazer “Toxic Girl”, . Together with Future Funk Squad they also created “”About To Fall” which was released in 2009 on En:Vision Recordings.

Latest hit from Beatman & Ludmilla is their massive “Backyard (She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore)” which was released on Ayra Recordings with remixes from Future Funk Squad, Hyper, Loaded Fist and The Analogeeks. Currently “Backyard” is number 1 in Beatport Breaks chart.

Beatman & Ludmilla on SoundCloud